Hymns for Prayer and Meditation

Asbury Memorial sings hymns as part of every worship service, just like every other congregation does. From antiquity, the faithful have used the hymns and psalms to praise God and express their faith in song — and Asburians do love to sing! When we sing, most of us are concentrating on following the music and the words, but rarely do we take time to meditate on the words themselves.
During the benediction after the 2016 Father's Day service, Rev. Billy Hester encouraged the congregation to use the lyrics of the last hymn we sang that day in their prayer and meditation life ("Praise the Source of Faith and Learning"). Below is an alphabetical list that includes that hymn and others we have sung since that sermon. We hope that you will use these hymns to deepen your spiritual walk through prayer and meditation.
Click on a hymn's name to open a window with the hymn and score on the left side and the lyrics as a poem on the right side. In most cases, you also can click on the date to open a window of the related worship service.


NOTE: Hymns we sing during Asbury's services come from one of the following songbooks:
  • The United Methodist Hymnal
  • The Faith We Sing
  • Worship and Song
All three books are official UMC hymnals or supplemental UMC hymnals. Asbury is licensed to reproduce the hymns they contain for worship purposes.


Sunday, May 22, 2016 (Trinity Sunday)
Sunday, July 31, 2016, during the 4th of Asbury's 2016 "Summer Preaching Series." Guest speaker Rev. Grady Mills used this hymn to illustrate his sermon, remembering it as one his childhood church sang regularly at the Sunday evening service.
Sunday, June 19, 2016 (Father's Day). This hymn was the original inspiration for this page.