Worship Services and Sermons (2019)

Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church conducts its worship services every Sunday at 11:15 am. This page contains links to video and audio segments for services in the current year (in reverse chronological order).
Prior years:
1st Sunday after the Epiphany & Baptism of the Lord Sunday
Sermon: "The Day Jesus Got in Line" — Rev. Billy Hester
The Day of Epiphany
Sermon: "The Myrrh's the Thing" — Rev. Billy Hester
1st Sunday after Christmas
Sermon: "Thumpety, Thump, Thump" — Rev. Billy Hester
Christmas Eve Service — "The Prince of Peace"
4th Sunday of Advent
Sermon: "A Red Nose and an Unexpected Baby" — Rev. Billy Hester
3rd Sunday of Advent
Poinsettia Sunday
Sermon: "I Want to Be Like Scrooge" — Rev. Billy Hester
2nd Sunday of Advent
Sermon: "St. Nick's Secret" — Rev. Billy Hester
1st Sunday of Advent
First Sunday of the Christian Year
Sermon: "Charlie Brown and His Questions" — Rev. Billy Hester